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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to Episode 17 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode we are gonna be talking all about team engagement. We will discuss why teamwork is crucial inside a dental practice, and how you can be an inspiring leader for your team. We will also offer five tips to help you build an amazing team that is truly engaged with your practice and aligned with your core values. All this and much more, up next.

  • Bullet points
  • 02:47 - Creating team engagement
  • 04:35 - Leading your team and taking accountability: What do you have to do to make your team love your company?
  • 07:42 - How does your dental dream team is going to make you feel?
  • 09:26 - The law of attraction: Use empowering words and don’t overlook what your team is doing right
  • 13:08 - Why teamwork inside a dental practice is crucial
  • 14:42 - Who is the leader that you would want to work for? What does that leader look like?
  • 15:54 - “Good people are so hard to find” and “hiring from the street”
  • 18:16 - Hiring the wrong people
  • 18:53 - The only person inside the practice that can't be replaced is yourself
  • 20:11 - Create your vision and mission
  • 21:17 - First: Who is the leader that has the best team?
  • 22:56 - Second: Make sure your team has a purpose that goes beyond a paycheck
  • 32:20 - Third: Dental teams are built on the foundation of core values
  • 38:00 - Define your core values
  • 44:35 - Fourth: Empower your team and avoid micromanaging
  • 51:49 - Fifth: Make sure your team understands how the practice is measuring success
  • 55:45 - Recap