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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

May 6, 2021

Welcome to Episode 23 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode we are gonna be talking about patient experience inside your practice. We will discuss the benefits of changing the way people view dentist appointments by going above and beyond with what they expect, to create an experience that creates raving fans. We will also talk about why you should set clear expectations around patient experience with your team, and the seven critical systems you should focus on. All this and much more, up next.

Bullet points

(00:50)Peloton and why I recommend morning workouts

(02:44) Setting clear expectations around patient experience

(04:00) The overall patient experience

(04:29) Focus on what you can change in dentistry

(05:44) First critical system: Train your team on how to answer the phone

(08:08) Think about what type of practice you want and set expectations with your team

(12:08) Second: The reminder and confirmation system

(15:35) The importance of getting consistency around these experiences inside your offices 

(16:55) Third: The meet and greet

(18:07) Changing the way people view going to the dentist

(19:55) What new patients expect: Anything you can do that is unexpected when it comes to patient experience, is going to be something that is remembered and raved about

(21:08) Set clear expectations, don't assume people know

(22:37) Fourth: Seating patients

(24:38) Fifth: The pre-clinical interview

(27:56) Sixth: The treatment

(29:21) Seventh: The exit