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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Welcome to Episode 6 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode we are gonna be talking about leading change within your dental practice, and the four proven steps to do so. How do you communicate changes to your team? Should you include them in the planning process? How do you incentivize your team to implement changes? All this and much more, up next.

  • Bullet points
  • 01:51 - Leading change inside your dental practice
  • 04:52 - First: give your team the why
  • 06:20 - Stay away from solving other people’s problems
  • 10:46 - Second: create the ideal way that you see this change going and lay out what's in it for your team
  • 15:34 - Separate yourself from the organization
  • 16:52 - Three: lay out the steps and create a plan to revisit the system
  • 19:47 - Listen to your team: they may see obstacles that you can’t
  • 22:29 - Be patient
  • 24:54 - Recommended book: Chris McChesney, The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • 25:10 - Lead the change and check back in
  • 27:42 - Four: celebrate wins
  • 31:27 - Implementing incentives for your team
  • 33:28 - Recap