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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to Episode 57 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode I will share my personal story: who I am, what I do, why I do what I do and why I want to have an impact.

  • Bullet points

    (01:12) My story

    (01:42) My childhood: The accident that made me want to become a dentist

    (02:45) Starting dental school

    (05:15) Graduating from dental school and starting to work

    (06:10) Buying my practice

    (09:23) Getting into management: Being passionate about vision and mission

    (11:15) Struggling with how to do it all

    (16:05) Recognizing I needed help

    (19:44) Hiring coaches

    (28:40) Burnout: Getting frustrated and almost quitting

    (31:34) A major life event and a turning point

    (36:51) Reflecting on how I wanted to run my practice

    (40:12) Honing my vision

    (46:30) Wanting to have a bigger impact

    (50:24) Starting Dental BossLady

    (56:05) My marriage