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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to Episode 31 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode we are gonna be talking about the difficulties of being short-staffed. We will discuss the difference between being a boss and being a leader, and why you should set clear expectations inside your practice. We will also talk about how you can show up for your team and stay positive when times are difficult. Finally, we will touch on the importance of having a solid foundation for your practice. And remember, the world is short staffed, so be kind to those who show up.

Bullet points

(00:35) Welcome to Season 2

(02:14) Celebrating at Sonora Resort

(04:00) The difficulties of hiring and being short-staffed

(08:00) Lead by example: You set the tone for the culture inside your practice 

(09:27) Two tips for your reception desk

(10:48) Why you shouldn't have a personal office inside your practice

(11:20) Having your team’s back and staying positive

(14:07) Put yourself in their shoes

(15:20) Understanding priorities: Urgent vs Important

(17:07) What kind of leader does your team need?

(18:45) Creating raving fans on your team

(21:15) Creating a solid foundation for your practice

(22:14) The difference between being a boss and being a leader: You have to set the tone and show up for your team

(24:05) Set clear expectations

(26:17) Take the time to cross train

(29:05) Be intentional with the culture you create and don't let eachother down

(32:59) You attract what you put out

(34:51) The world is short-staffed, be kind to those who show up