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Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

Welcome to Episode 26 of the re-launched Dental Boss Lady Leadership Academy Podcast with Dr. Terri Pukanich. In today's episode we are gonna be talking about how to master the implementation of new actions inside your dental practice. We will discuss why so much change does not stick and why mastering implementation starts with your mindset, not with an action. Finally, we will talk about the secret to achieving the practice of your dreams. All this and much more, up next.

Bullet points

(02:26) Our identities as women: The importance of spending time on yourself

(04:50) Hot to create change

(06:32) There are different ways to achieve the same result, but you need to understand you purpose inside your practice first

(11:05) Why so much change does not stick: In order for true change to happen, you have to back up the action with proper feelings and thoughts around it

(17:10) How to master the implementation of new actions inside your practice: What is going to motivate us to do it?

(22:45) Being outcome-driven: Motivating your team and giving them freedom to get to the outcome you want

(24:33) Dealing with negative thoughts and feelings

(27:47) What is the identity of the dentist who has those outcomes happening?

(31:03) Mastering implementation starts with mindset, not with action